Malaysia Stock Market to hit 1,800pts. Are you going to miss out this opportunity?


Year 2015: Bear Market

Year 2016: Bear Market

Year 2017: Bull Market

Bull Market Trend Formation detected since February 2017

The long due Bull Market in the Malaysia Stock Market has arrived since Year 2017 February. As how investor/trader witness rounds of stocks been moving north over the 1st quarter of Year 2017, indeed we are already in a Bull Market since February 2017. But there are up to 1000 stocks listed in the Malaysia Stock Market and you can never buy all of them. Picking the RIGHT sector and RIGHT stocks matters to you and that is just picking! Having holding power and positioning at the right timing allows you to reap the %ROI that you desired and that’s not enough! Knowing how to position yourself out of the market/stock to avoid each retracement is what makes your trades COMPLETE in your portfolio!

We came from the bottom;

The Malaysia stock market index FBMKLCI came from the bottom of 1,616 at the end of Year 2016 December and started to move north ever since. That movement itself has formed a Bull Market Trend in the month of February at 1,705pts which triggered all Technical Analyst Bull Market point of view.
Since then the FBMKLCI had rallied close to a +9% performance on the 1st quarter of Year 2017 closing at 1,765pts today a rally after 2 weeks of price retracement. (Mentioned on our previous blog post)

1,800 journey;

Moving forward we will be highly see the FBMKLCI to hit its 1,800pts journey within the next 2 months. That being said means Futures Traders who trades the indices futures can leverage on that instrument to ride on the index performance. RISKS are only seen on the market when the index falls back below 1,730 in the mid term. RISKS are only seen as well when the market had reach its peak of OVERBOUGHT in the near term. As the market does not move up on a straight line but consist of multiple rallies and price retracement, it is always important to know the market timing through the usage of Technical Analysis.

Blue Chips Banking Stocks Raging Bull;



Malaysia Small Caps Index Raging Bull;



Technology Index Malaysia;



Raging Indices Raging Stocks?

Above all indices are all heading NORTH through the implication of Technical Analysis. As an investor/trader you would want to invest/trade on stocks that are heading NORTH too instead of SOUTH. Hence do the extra work on knowing how to apply Technical Analysis on your stocks to understand the general direction of your stocks, it’s specific support and resistant, the target price projection, the creation of market timing and of course knowing your exit plan as well. Reap as much of rewards from this bull market and in our next blog we will share on the sector and stocks picks on the Malaysia Stock Market.


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No plan is a plan as well. [Stocks to trade]


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