Bursa Malaysia July 2016 Market Update [03]


(Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/07/13/bnm-cuts-opr-to-3pct-at-its-monetary-policy-committee/ )

Malaysia FBMKLCI July 2016 Outlook


As of 13/07/2016, the Malaysia FBMKLCI closed at 1660.39 nearing to its previous high at 1664.04 traded in the month of June 2016. As how we have been mentioning since the month of May 2016, the index have been trading in a sideways momentum creating no higher highs over the past 2 months. The drawn FBMKLCI Crucial Support line has been holding up well over the past two months creating no lower lows. No supports have been violated which is a good thing. In the coming weeks the FBMKLCI is expected to trend higher towards 1675 and will ultimately test its psychological resistant at 1700. As the market sentiment starts to improve gradually, stocks will be improving as well giving trader/investor an opportunity to get busy in the stock market. So long the FBMKLCI did not violate its Crucial Support line drawn on the chart above, the market will have its chance to regain its attractiveness and turning back into a Bull Market. After all it will always boils down to the same words. The rise on the index does not necessary mean your stocks will be doing well. There are stocks that perform well over the past few months while the market have been gloomy. Hence always know what are the suitable stocks you would like to have in your portfolio.

BNM Cuts OPR = Good News to Properties Sector?


The last time we had a Bullish View towards the Properties Sector in Bursa Malaysia were during the year of 2013 & 2014. After all sectors/stocks that have been forgotten are always worth for us to follow back. Price and Trend speaks for themselves and hence the Properties Index have been creating Higher Highs and Higher Lows since last year August 2015. There will be plentiful of properties stocks that have been doing well over the past few weeks. Always make a decision based on the strategies and fundamental research you have done instead of listening to news and rumors blindly. Below are a few selected Properties Stocks that have been following our strategies well over the past months.


Have you been doing well on Metal & Steel Stocks?

We have been highlighting on this sector over the past 2 weeks and we’re very sure investor/trader who have been riding on these  stocks are making good %ROI in their portfolio. Are they still attractive enough to look into? The answer is YES. So long you have a defined trading plan and strategies, you will definitely do well not just on these stocks, but any other stocks that you wish to look into. Here are the stocks we had mentioned in our Market Outlook event and over the past 2 weeks.

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Malaysia Stock Market Index 1600 Support Maintains. Further Rebound ahead but with cautious


As highlighted on the 22nd January post, 1600 a crucial support for our market have been well maintained so far gaining +40pts as of today. Further rebound ahead can be seen but with cautious as its just REBOUND. Stocks will start to find its bottom for traders/investors to place their entry timing but let me emphasize. A bottom on an Downtrend stock VS a bottom on an Uptrend stock makes a huge difference. HENCE know the direction of the trend of the stock you are in FIRST before placing your entry.

Downtrend Stock = Short Term Trading Activities.
Uptrend Stock = Short – Mid – Long Term Trading Activities.


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