Malaysia Small Caps Stocks to trend higher this week: Trend Following Malaysia


Trend followers are in the moment. They know that attempting to pinpoint the beginning of a trending market is futile. When trends begin, they often arise from a flat market that doesn’t appear to be trending in any direction. The idea is to take small bets early on in a market to see if the trend does, indeed, mature and get big enough to make big money. -President of Graham Capital Management


This week we will be focusing on the Malaysia FBMSCAP (Small Caps) Sector as it has been hovering at its resistant high (15,793) for 2 weeks. A possible breakout from its resistant this week lead by the Oil & Gas Stocks as they are all geared up to go for another healthy rally after 5 months of price correction. So do put the Oily & Gassy stocks into your to-trade-list this week. Other than that there are some small caps and penny stocks that we’ve been on favour for weeks that will continue to see more trending movement over the next 2 weeks. Therefore be profitable & ride on the trend!

(There are plentiful of profitable stocks in the market. Below are just some of the chosen one that we favour. Therefore always do your part of your homework and plan your trade beforehand)



SCOMI (7158)


CLIQ (5234)


INSTACO (0069)


DESTINI (7212)


IVORY (5175)


MALTON (6181)


SALCON (8567)


UCHITEC (7100)



William Au

(Position Trader, Financial Speaker)

Malaysia FCPO (Futures Crude Palm Oil), FBMSCAP (Small Caps), & Properties Index Outlook: Trend Following


The Malaysia FCPO (Futures Crude Palm Oil)

Since Year 2011 the Malaysia FCPO has entered into a bearish long term downtrend. Today we can see a familiar chart pattern which is the ‘Inverted Head & Shoulder’ pattern on FCPO daily chart analysis. Over the past months the FCPO always failed to breach above its resistant level at around 2,485. With its Monthly Chart MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) turning bullish, we will highly see the Malaysia FCPO breaching above its resistant level to spark off a rally. So good news to the futures traders!

Plantation Stock to Watch: FGV (5222)



Malaysia FBMSCAP (Small Caps Index)

We are in a scenario where by ‘small fishes are eating big fishes’. FBMSCAP (Small Caps) stocks are still in our focus as more upside play will be seen on this sector. FBMSCAP currently facing its resistant. Shall it breach new highs we will see more small caps stocks on an active rally. What are your chosen small caps stocks?

FBMSCAP Stock to Watch: CYPARK (5184)



Malaysia Properties Index

After 5 months of price correction seen we can finally see majority of the property stocks making a comeback to resume their uptrend rally. We will possibly see the leaders of this sector leading the index to a new high in the coming months. Despite the on going news that could haunt the property market in Malaysia, what are the chosen property stocks in your portfolio?

Malaysia Property Stock to Watch: MALTON (6181)



 William Au

           (Position Equity Trend Trader. Financial Speaker)