FBMSCAP Index (Small Caps Index) at 18,000points new high. New wave of bull!



New wave of bull in the FBMSCAP Index Sector

July 2014 is here and we are witnessing the FBMSCAP Index (Small Caps Index) breaking out at new high 18,000points. This is the start of a new wave of Bull Runthat everyone should not miss out. Opportunities come and go. Those who sees it grab it. Now grab it!

We’ve been putting a strong BUY CALL on the FBMSCAP Index sector since the FBMSCAP Index plunged -724.49pts in the month of April 2014 when it was at 17,206points.

Reap all your rewards in the month of July and see you in our July Market Outlook Seminar!

“Look at the FBMSCAP Index not FBMKLCI”

Issue 3 on the FBMSCAP Index plunged -724.49pts:

Issue 5 on July Market Outlook and Seminar event: