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FCPO (Futures Crude Palm Oil) & FKLI (Futures Kuala Lumpur Index) Market Outlook Updates: David Lee (Trend Follower)


FCPO (Futures Crude Palm Oil) Bear Market Rally

As highlighted weeks ago, FCPO is in Bear Market Rally mode. Subsequently FCPO did rallied strong to a monthly high of 2485 on Wednesday. Congratulations FCPO Trend Followers that exited around that region on Wednesday. Next week is a 50-50 situation, work smart for your new trades and observe the following scenarios below. Click to read more.


According to Weekly Chart (CHART 1 above), FCPO still in yearly bearish mode since July 13 2012 and will turn to yearly bullish IF the 3 moving averages also form a golden cross. So FCPO still bearish for the time being. That being said, a bear market will have it’s rallies and corrections too and weekly MACD still showing bear market rally since October 8. Resistance are 2503 and 2592 while supports are 2414 and 2370.

In addition, Day Chart (CHART 2 below) also showing bear market rally because both 3 moving averages and MACD are still in “golden crosses”. Hence FCPO Trend Followers, time your buy entry well next week and be cautious on 2503 resistance.


Therefore, if FCPO able to break 2503 resistance between now and November, there is a good chance it will test 2592 resistance and potentially spark bull market signal on weekly chart by early 2014. On the other hand, if FCPO unable to break 2503 resistance, it could potentially go for a bear market correction to support. Remember. FCPO Trend Followers, be disciplined and repeat the good work you had done that allowed you to enjoyed this bear market rally.

Initial FCPO October Outlook

Businessman Bouncing Over Stock Chart

Malaysia FKLI (Futures Kuala Lumpur Index) Mad Bulls On The Loose

FKLI Friday closed at 1814 with a monthly high of 1828. Hoooray FKLI Trend Followers that took profit at 1814 between 1828 region today. Thanks to your own discipline and understanding in trend following, this bull market rally’s profits are yours. That being said, next week could be a volatile week therefore follow the trend, be disciplined and be profitable! Observe the following scenarios.


Despite all the doom & budget 2014 related market noises, weekly prices are well supported by green, yellow & red moving averages, showing FKLI is still in a yearly bullish mode. More importantly Weekly MACD formed a golden cross. A weekly MACD golden cross is a big cause for concern and thus telling us that market is going for a strong bull market rally and test 1834 resistance between now and end of November (refer CHART 1 above).

For an earlier hint, Trend Followers can refer to day chart, which also showing bull market rally as hinted by the 3 moving averages and MACD (refer CHART 2 below).


In conclusion, Mad Bulls is still on the Loose as long as weekly and daily MACD and moving averages showing rally signals.  We definitely came a long way since Sep 9-10 when both daily & weekly’s MACD hinted a rally until current price level. Good job on 21-25 October’s profits. Now Trend Followers, repeat the good work you had done lately and focus on this coming bull market rally. Remember, no prediction and no complications; just follow trends.

October’s Outlook:

September’s Outlook:


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David Lee

(Futures commission broker & equity remisier, Contributor of futures market trend following)