Malaysia Property Stocks Outlook October 2013: Trend Following


“Malaysia property bubble heading to a Dubai-style crash……..”

“No immediate bubble risk for Malaysia’s property sector…..”

Market noises are simply toxic to an investor/trader. While we can leave it out to the economist and analyst to predict the future of the property bubble risks, let us all take a look at the Malaysia Property Stocks Outlook up-to-date.

“The beauty of trend following allows us to follow the trend of the market/stock and knowing when to react when trend changes. After all what is important for us to know is to know when to stay out of the market/stock, and to know when to get out of the market/stock when we are inside.”


The Malaysia Properties Sector Index had been undergoing a price correction since June 2013 and that is when we start to see majority of the property stocks going into a price correction too.  Currently the Properties Index is well supported above its EMA30weeks support(green line). A break out from the 1st and 2nd resistant will trigger a rally in this sector. The weekly MACD will highly go for a golden cross signalling a price rally in this sector in the coming weeks. So have you start cherry picking your lovely property stocks?

UEMS (5148) Bearish Downtrend Property Stock


TEBRAU (1589) Bearish Downtrend Turning Bullish Uptrend Stock


MALTON (6181) Bullish Uptrend StockMALTON

KSL (5038) Bullish Uptrend Stock



 William Au

           (Position Equity Trend Trader. Financial Speaker)