You will make TONS of money if you can spot for this pattern on the PENNY STOCKS!


How can we forget this news headline dated 18th July 2016?


And it’s not a joke!


Now the Risks & Rewards

  1. When you have a defined Entry and Exit Trading Plan, yes you may trade penny stocks that gives you explosive returns. But when you don’t have that defined Trading Plan, be prepared to suffer humongous losses when the music stops. Hence always have a Trading Plan!
  2. Chasing/Trading Penny Stocks does gives you an explosive ROI% BUT always be prepared for the downside risk as well. If you have been following my blog for the past 5 years, you will know every year there will be a Penny Stock Season and EVERY year that music will eventually stops and all things fall apart into pieces.
  3. We are not highly recommending you to trade these penny stocks. It is just too interesting to show it to you all on what is going on now. Whether you been told not to touch penny stocks, or you are not into penny stocks, or any reasons you can give it out, will you trade or will you not trade them TILL the end of the day, JUST HAVE A TRADING PLAN OKAY? 

Do you remember how does the EMA200days work?

You may get that article here:

Now if you can spot for this pattern using the EMA200days on the penny stocks, this is how they have been exploding














And there are more hidden in the market!

And if you think EMA200days doesn’t matter this is how it happens


In a nutshell

All the information above should be treated as an education purposes only. Once again what matters most is your Trading Plan to manage your risks and rewards.

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