Precious Gold & Silver. Always Been Bearish. Doomsday Ahead.


| Gold Bugs Bubble Trouble |

Gold Bugs Bubble Trouble

|Gold Price| Always been bearish since Year 2011

|GOLD PRICE| Always been bearish since Year 2011|

|The logics and fundamental are always rational for gold|

|The trend is down| The price is down| How low is low?|

|That is everybody guessing game. You don’t ride a downtrend market.|



Gold price has entered into an official long term downtrend in Year 2013 after violating its rule of 20%. (here:

Since then there were twice a dummy rally happening in the Gold Price. The inability for the gold price to climb back up above its weekly ema200weeks will only mean it will remain as a long term downtrend market for….years?

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