What is TFM Eagle Eye Newsletter?

  • TFM Eagle Eye Newsletter Service, is a newsletter platform service that allows the subscribers to receive weekly extensive report on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) indices, sectors, and stocks along with ADDED VALUE SERVICES.

What benefits do I get from the newsletter?

  • Renewable subscription services for every 1 month.
  • Receive weekly newsletter on the KLSE Indices In-depth forecast outlook.
  • Receive weekly newsletter on the KLSE stocks to trade with Trading Plan Set Up For You to COPY. 
  • Receive a set of TFM Mid Term Trend (MTT) to equip yourself with these strategies in your trading/investing journey.
  • In a nutshell you are INVESTING your money in this newsletter while you gain the knowledge + strategies + profits made from the trades!

How do I subscribe for TFM Eagle Eye Newsletter?

  • You may do so by simply clicking on the SUBSCRIBE link.

Is this service suitable for new investor/trader?

  • Yes! This service is suitable to all new and experienced investor/trader.

How long is the subscription period?

  • This is a 1 month subscription period and is renewable upon expiry.

How often do I get the TFM Eagle Eye Newsletter?

  • You will receive it on a weekly basis.

How many stocks will I be given to trade?

  • You will receive a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 stocks in your weekly TFM Eagle Eye Newsletter.

What happens when there are no trades given inside the weekly TFM Eagle Eye Newsletter?

  • Under certain market situation for example “a market correction downturn”, we will not place any trades as the risk level in the market is high. “No trades done is a winning strategy”. However all Subscribers will still receive their weekly TFM Eagle Eye Newsletter and get informed on the weekly market performances extensively.

How will I receive the TFM Eagle Eye Newsletter?

  • You will be receiving it with the options of via Email/Whatsapp.

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