Trend Following Malaysia is founded by William Au, a Full-Time-Position-Trader in the stock market with 8 years of experience up to date. He is a graduate from Monash University specialized in Banking & Finance and Economics. He was one of the top finalist short listed for the CFA Investment Research Challenge representing Monash University. Being a Position Trader means being a Trend Follower using Trend Following as an investment strategy. Our unique way of trend following system is to Keep.It.Simple.Safe (KISS) which has been applied by vast group of investors around Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei.
Trend Following is an investment strategy based on technical analysis of market prices, rather than on the fundamental strengths of the companies. This is an art of holding power through identifying the trend in the market/stock and following the trend rather than predicting it.
A company’s fundamental report may be beautiful but when the price of the company’s stock is trending downwards, you know you are not doing well in your portfolio.
A position-trader’s job is to identify a trend in a particular market/stock and then practices the act of holding power on the market/stock until it shows clear signs of trend reversal. A market trend up and down over a period of time. The fundamental of the company may be important to us, but without a trend and the act of holding power, one will simply be thrown into confusion on the everyday market noises.


Do you trade/invest in the financial market?
Our mission is to become the pioneer in Malaysia providing a better solution to investor/trader using our trend following system that will improve their portfolio returns in stocks and futures with confidence and simplicity. We focuses on the big market movement rather than the short term price fluctuation that can always shakes investor/trader confidence out of the market. We seek to capture the big market trend rather than the small ones. We always seek to collaborate with various organization to educate the public on the need to rub off their misconception towards stock market & futures market trading/investing. Being the pioneer in Malaysia on applying the practice of Trend Following, we want the retail investors to have a different perspective and approach when it comes to investing/trading.

Don’t you wish you can trade & invest in the financial market at ease?

Billionaire investor like Warren Buffett always talk about ‘the power of holding power’. TODAY! You can too practice the art of HOLDING POWER with Trend Following!





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