Trend Following Malaysia is a organization founded by a Position Equity Trader in the stock market with 14 years of experience. His years of involvement in the stock market arena since the age of 18 have led him to experienced countless number of significant market events such as [ The Year 2006-2008 Bull Market | The Year 2008 Sub Prime Financial Crisis | The Year 2009-Year 2011 Global Market Recovery | The Year 2011 European Debt Crisis | The Year 2012-Year 2014 Bull Market | The Year 2014 Crude Oil Crisis | The Year 2015 Currency Crisis |The 2018 Trade War crisis|And the current Covid-19 Crisis 2020 |Ongoing Year 2021 Super Bull Run
His active roles in this industry have led him to partner along with Investment Banks in Malaysia, Financial Market Event Company, Universities, and Corporates on sharing his expertise to the mass people. He have since trained more than 1000 traders & investors from [ Malaysia | Singapore | Indonesia | Brunei ]


Be part of the The Three /// Lines Trader Community!
We have been sharing our 14 years of Mission to the public on emphasizing that Investing/Trading can be done SIMPLE. Our Three /// Lines Trader Community has enable mass people to understand how the market works and how an investor/trader can profit from the market in a lucrative manner while keeping their risk being well managed. We believe that Market Cycle and Human Behavior will always show a constant repetition over Time, and with our beliefs we want you to see it and experience it by yourself as well.

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