bullBUY the Bullish Trend


SELL the Bearish Trend


  • The FBMKLCI has fallen back to its 5 Years low.
  • Bearish Downtrend resistant persist ever since the formation on October 2018.
  • The FBMKLCI failed at its long term trend resistant 3 times since Year 2018.
  • Downside momentum remain and to consolidate.
  • The FBMKLCI will only leap into a Bull Market when its price has evidently proven breaking out of its Long Term Trend Resistant and form a Bullish Trend.


  • The FBMSCAP Bullish Trend formation since October 2019.
  • Recent rally towards its previous resistant triggered with a healthy price correction.
  • Current support 1 and support 2 to remain crucial for the FBMSCAP index to find its support and rebound from there on to go for further rallies ahead.


  • The FBMACE index Bullish formation since November 2019.
  • Recent rally ended with a healthy price correction.
  • Current Support 1 , Support 2, and Support 3 to remain crucial for the FBMACE to find its support and rebound from there for further rallies ahead.



Year 2020 Bull Market kick started from the FBMSCAP and FBMACE stocks

May every investor/trader make the best out of this in Year 2020

Happy New Decade and a New Year 2020 to all!

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