Time For Guessing Game. The Mother of all Supports for Global Stock Market Indices.


[Bullish Trend]

A level of important trend formation when once formed tend to persist until evidently proven reversed. A bullish trend allows price to move higher highs and higher lows over a long period of time.


[Bearish Trend]

A level of important trend formation when once formed tend to persist until evidently proved reversed. A bearish trend allows price to move lower highs and lower lows over a long period of time.


“Calling for market bottom game?”

  1. Global major indices at/will need to hit their mother of all support. A breakdown below this level will bring a repeat of Year 2018 market doom performance.
  2. Global indices will need to maintain above their respective mother of all support by the end month of May 2019
  3. Indices that have broken down below their mother of all support will too need to find themselves back up this level.

U.S DJIA 5 Hours


FTSE China A50 5 Hours

china a50

HK Hang Seng 5 Hours

hang seng

Shanghai Composite 5 Hours


Japan Nikkei 5 Hours


Singapore Straits Times 5 Hours


Thailand SET 5 Hours


Philippines PSEI 5 Hours


Indonesia Jakarta 5 Hours


Malaysia FBMKLCI 5 Hours


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