[Bullish Trend]

A level of important trend formation when once formed tend to persist until evidently proven reversed. A bullish trend allows price to move higher highs and higher lows over a long period of time.


[Bearish Trend]

A level of important trend formation when once formed tend to persist until evidently proved reversed. A bearish trend allows price to move lower highs and lower lows over a long period of time.


Continuous Bearish Trend remains intact since March 2019. However no lower lows seen as the FBMKLCI did not follow global market to rally over the months. FBMKLCI to maintain in bearish trend until evidently proven price break out to form a Bullish Trend.


Malaysia FBMSCAP index on the small caps stocks, the strongest index in the KLSE market has been seen with continuous Bullish Trend since February 2019. Recent pull back correction is a healthy correction as the FBMSCAP index now found its support in the month of May. Being able to rebound from here will mean seeing small caps stock making their ways up will mean this index will rebound further and the Bullish Trend will remain intact with more upside ahead. 


FBMACE index on the penny stocks, Bullish trend formation since February 2019 but being followed by a Bearish Trend formation in the month of May 2019. Only a strong rebound back above to form its Bullish Trend will evidently shift the trend of the FBMACE index to show opportunity in the FBMACE index.

Your Bullish Trend Stocks


Know if your stocks in your portfolio is in the state of Bullish Trend or Bearish Trend. Bullish Trend will have price retracement which is healthy. What is important is for it to find its support so that the Bullish Trend is not void. Once voided it will mean an exit plan is executed as the stock price will fall into a Bearish Trend. You won’t want to hold onto a Bearish Trend stock.

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