A level of important price resistant for price to surpass and also a level of important price support to maintain above. Price trading above the RALLY POINT will mean more upside price action ahead.


A zone where price is deemed WEAK in the short term period. Only progressive rebound can be seen trading in the short term. But failing to SURPASS the RALLY POINT will only put the price into a longer term of downtrend price action.


The Malaysia Stock Market is the strongest performing market in the Asia region up to date! Yay and Nay! Certainly the FBMKLCI is doing well since the month of June 2018. But the bad news is not every stocks in the Bursa Malaysia are moving up like the index performance. “Index performance does not judge your stocks performance.”  Only selected stocks are moving in the market over the past months. Trading/investing in a bullish stocks vs bearish stocks makes a huge difference over the months.

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Bullish Trending Stocks


Bearish Trending Stocks


The conclusion is, trade/invest into bullish trending stocks only. While a bearish trending stocks will eventually turn bullish trending but only when it is evidently proven then it will be the choice of our trade/investment.

We have picked 10 Bullish Trending Stocks for you

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