(Global Stock Market Indices Trend)

As everybody knows, it is either an Uptrend or Downtrend. When you invest in a stock that is in a Downtrend movement you will not make profits out of it unless you go short. When you invest in a stock that is in a Uptrend movement you make profits out of it! Of course I am speaking in terms of the Long Term Trend Picture. As the price does not move up and down in a STRAIGHT LINE but consist of ups and downs regardless of whether it is in an Uptrend or Downtrend it allows trader/investor to profit form the short term price volatility. But I am speaking in terms of the Long Term Trend Picture. 

(EMA 200days to Declare the Long Term Trend)

One of the common language everybody knows for now is EMA 200days being one of the indicator in the Technical Analysis is being used to identify the long term trend of a market and stock. You can name 100 different ways to identify a market/stock trend it is okay! But I would like to just focus on the EMA200days usage.

|How does EMA200days Work?|


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(Market Above EMA200days)

2018Jul-BSE SENSEX 30-1000x6002018Jul-Dow Jones Averages Industrial Average-1000x6002018Jul-NASDAQ Composite-1000x6002018Jul-Nikkei 225-1000x6002018Jul-S&P 500-1000x600

(Market Below EMA200days)

2018Jul-All Shares Index-1000x6002018Jul-COMPOSITE-1000x6002018Jul-FBMKLCI-1000x6002018Jul-Hang Seng-1000x6002018Jul-KOSPI 200-1000x6002018Jul-SET Index-1000x6002018Jul-Shanghai Stock Exchange-1000x6002018Jul-Straits Times-1000x600


What you seen above depicts a different message to every individual differently. In a market above EMA200days it can be said investing/trading opportunity are easily found there. In a market below EMA200days thou they look pathetically sad BUT it can be translate another meaning of words to you which is an GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. It is what u see and make a judgement out of it matters! Technically so long in a market below EMA200days the MOTHER OF ALL SUPPORT is not violated in the next 6 months, these market will be turned into an absolute GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to all!

Keeping that in mind, I’ve seen people losing money in an Uptrend Market as well.

I have seen people making heaps of money in a Downtrend Market. 

What you see and how you think matters.

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