(Position Entry)

Position Entry is the timing for an investor or trader to position they buying point onto a stock while pending for it’s price action and volume to take place riding the continuous trend.

(Trading Plan)

WHEN an investor or trader decides to position into a particular stock, he/she must prepare at 1) what price range is the entry pricing zone, 2) shall price reacts the opposite at what price range is the stop loss pricing zone, 3) as profits starts building up when to take profits.

Malaysia FBMKLCI


  • The FBMKLCI created the “Sandwich Box” has been well played since the month of February 2018.
  • Over the course of past 3 months the index failed to break down below it’s “Sandwich Box” support of 1,806 maintaining the index at an Uptrend View in the long run.
  • Recent correction had seen the index broke back into it’s “sandwich box” before breaking back out of it’s “sandwich box”. SOLID PERFORMANCE!
  • But as always mentioned, the performance of the index DOES NOT judge the performance of your stocks.
  • What is IMPORTANT is that despite the past 3 months of index solid performance, lower liner stocks have all been BEATEN DOWN CHEAPLY putting them at an immediate Overly Oversold region. (As mentioned in our previous post)
  • Hence an inevitable Progressive Market Rebound is ongoing now.
  • This ongoing progressive market rebound is important as the name implies, it NEEDS to be progressive to be healthy WHICH so far it is doing great.
  • What leads after a Progressive Market rebound will be minor correction FOLLOWED by then only the Market Rallies.
  • Therefore during a progressive market rebound, good money making opportunities can be made. As the time comes by, during a market rally good money making opportunities can be made further.
  • This will be a good time to know the strength of your stocks in the long run by knowing if they are able to RECOVER their uptrend in the long run for example, their Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) 200days.

The Movement is REAL!

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