(Price Correction)

correction is a reverse movement, usually negative, of at least 10% in a stock, bond, commodity or index to adjust for an overvaluation. Corrections are generally temporary price declines interrupting an uptrend in the market or an asset.


DEFINITION of ‘Uptrend‘ Describes the price movement of a financial asset when the overall direction is upward. A formal uptrend is when each successive peak and trough is higher than the ones found earlier in the trend.

(Position Entry)

Position Entry is the timing for an investor or trader to position they buying point onto a stock while pending for it’s price action and volume to take place riding the continuous trend.

(Trading Plan)

WHEN an investor or trader decides to position into a particular stock, he/she must prepare at 1) what price range is the entry pricing zone, 2) shall price reacts the opposite at what price range is the stop loss pricing zone, 3) as profits starts building up when to take profits.

Year 2017 had been great for the metal, steel, & aluminium stocks. But what goes up will go down as well. Downwards movement can be as significant as falling into a long term downtrend stock that is not worth the holding. Or else it could be a correction on the prices to its mean before staging for another wave of uptrend rally.

Kicking into Year 2018, these stocks are rather at a current stage to test for their progressive rebound. Shall this progressive rebound succeeded, next will be a break out rally movement. But let’s focus on the progressive rebound first as we will update it as it goes along. A failure to go for a progressive rebound will then easily allow us to define these stocks to fall into a long term downtrend.

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