The Malaysia FBMKLCI behavior over the past 3 months had created Higher Highs and Higher  Lows bringing the index from 1,616pts to 1,760pts (+8.8%) within 4 months. Broad market sectors takes their turn on rallies over the months. This market is creating ample of opportunities to investor/trader on making handsome returns from their investment. As the FBMKLCI been through 2 weeks of price retracement, penny stocks and lower liners stocks took the limelight on their rallies while the general market stocks are basically going through their price retracement.

Geared up for another rally?

As the index had been through 2 weeks of price retracement, it is now supported at 1,733pts (Blue Line EMA) and a rebound is expected to be seen now followed by rallies. As this happens we will see broad market stocks to make a come back from their price retracement into rallies. Hence geared up for another good month of April!

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