You understand the stock market comes with a seasonal years of profitable years(Bull Season) and a seasonal years of less profitable years(Bear Season)

  1. Naysayers tells you that Technical Analysis DOES NOT work any more is ONE THING I heard 10 years ago and 10 years later today.
  2. Naysayers tells you that Fundamental Analysis is an OLD MAN dictionary is ONE THING I heard 10 years ago and 10 years later today.
  3. The market is being MANIPULATED with all sorts of reasons is ONE THING I been hearing every year like an anniversary.
  4. The OLD SAYINGS of “the stock market is a risky game” is by without knowing we been hearing for a decade as we grow older?
  5. Naysayers tries to PREACH you on stop dreaming on making profitable income from the stock market makes no difference on people preaching you on doing your own business is not easy.

Investment scams business/pyramid schemes are being so profitable yearly are due to human greed are heavily attached to what is being assured/guaranteed to them by putting near ZERO effort. When things gets busted they blame the whole world for it and the cycle goes on repeatedly. (Yay!)

When you put EFFORTS and SACRIFICE time to understand the Stock Market, you will be rewarded.

When you understand the risks and rewards  in the Stock Market, you will be rewarded.

When you know the Stock Market is a platform that requires your time and effort, understanding the risks and rewards of it, you know that RISKS comes from you NOT KNOWING what you are doing. REWARDS comes from what you understand and the actions you’ve taken towards them.

The Malaysia Stock Market

Big Picture View (Monthly Chart)


  • Year 2003 BULL SEASON lasted till Year 2008. FBMKLCI 734pts -> 1524pts.
  • Year 2009 BULL SEASON lasted till Year 2015. FBMKLCI 858pts -> 1896pts.
  • Year 2017 BULL SEASON “On Going”. FBMKLCI 1630pts -> ????? pts.

“Do not forget this is just the MACRO VIEW. We lived in those MICRO DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, and YEARS filled with seasonal events occurring round the years.” 

Hence Bull or Bear Season…it doesn’t matter because you just need to recall back what I wrote in my last post by clicking here.

(Hence let’s keep this as a journal for us to refer back years later)

The Malaysia Stock Market Index Today


As written in our previous post here, the Malaysia Stock Market Index have been supported well above 1,660pts which is its EMA200days and ever since then the index rallied up highs towards 1,702pts as of last Friday. Beautiful to see this but will it last?

Still the Malaysia Stock Market Index


The market does not move up on a straight line as it will consist of multiple ups and downs along the ways. Like I said previously we are living in the micro days daily of the market hence why it pays to understand the MACRO VIEW of our market to keep our nerves CHILL La…!

It’s a norm for the Malaysia Stock Market Index to close its gaps. Last Friday opened and closed with a gap at 1691. Hence in the MICRO VIEW it will be normal for the index to retrace and close its gap at 1691 before it goes for another rallies up. 1,730 will be the next target resistant for the Malaysia Stock Market to hit towards month of March 2017. Micro important support can be kept at 1,678  but if it’s healthy it shouldn’t  go lower than 1,685. Why? Didn’t go lower means market sentiment can be improved faster to see more profits churning into your pocket. ELSE the market will need to take a healthy rest before it goes back up. Hence till the end of the day its back to your portfolio of stocks that matters. Are you chasing high? Time to profit take? Time to position into your stocks?

Mostly we ended up chasing into a stock that rallied for a month high and get pulled all the way down for a healthy price retracement….getting freaked out a lil…then as it recovers we breathe with a smile.

Growing Opportunities on these stocks;

Big Shots!

GENTING (3182)

MAYBANK (1155)

CIMB (1023)

AMBANK (1015)

PETRONM (3042)

Mid Shots!

WCT (9679)

UEMS (5148)

TNLOGIS (8397)

SKPETRO (5218)

MAHSING (8583)

Small shots!

RSAWIT (5113)

LSTEEL (9881)

LBALUM (9326)

D&O (7204)


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