1. January 2016 went to its lowest at 1,600 and rallied to 1,729 highest in the month of April.
  2. From the highest 1,729 FBMKLCI slumped all the way down to its lowest at 1,612 in the month of May and June 2016.
  3. From its lowest 1,612 the index rallied towards 1,698 highest in the month of Auguest 2016.
  4. Since August, the FBMKLCI have been trading in a sideways range above 1,648.
  5. The recent rebound on the FBMKLCI in the month of November puts the index slightly above 1,648 (sideways support).

Generally the Malaysia Stock Market have been moving in a Downtrend & Sideways Trend for the past 11 months of Year 2016. Only a breakout from 1,700 in the near future will see the index potentially changing its trend into a bullish mode when its evidently proven.

That does not mean opportunities are not appearing in this market.

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