Last weekend 25th June 2016 we had a good session with the investor on sharing the Global Market Outlook. It has been mentioned that in a Bear Market, lesser opportunities are seen. Hence below attached are a few of the stocks picked for the investor that can follow/execute. Always remember to match this with your own research and analysis before you start trading/investing.

Highlights Tips for Survival (from 25th June 2016 event)

  1. There  are only 25/1725 listed stocks+warrants that are “watchable/tradeable”
  2. Short Term Trading-Mid Term Trading are advised.
  3. Have a good Trading Plan if you want to survive.
  4. The sun will set and will rise again. Are you prepared for the next Bull Market?
  5. Make use of Technical Analysis to understand what you are doing in the stock market.

25th June 2016 Global Market Outlook Event



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