“Patience is the key to success in investing”

  1. There will be a period of Good Days in the market and a period of Bad Days in the market. Being a commentator during both the Good and Bad Days does not help you to achieve success in your portfolio. It is rather WHAT you are doing during the Good and Bad Days that matters to your portfolio of stocks.
  2. During the period of Good Days is where you see stocks rising up high luring you into the market imagining the possibilities of profits you can make from it.
  3. During the period of Bad Days is where you see stocks declining quicker than it rise, hindering you away from the market as risks of suffering losses is a total no no to you.

Now let’s change your perspective towards this;

  1. During the period of Bad Days is where you see the market as an Golden Opportunity to Buy as you have the privilege to buy stocks at a discounted price. While everybody are shying away from the market, you should be looking into the market.
  2. During the period of Good Days is where you see the market as an Golden Opportunity to Sell as since you have bought stocks at discounted price, it is time to realize those profits into your bank account.

That being easier said than done;

  1. It’s a norm to know that ‘Market Timing’ doesn’t exist in the world of financial market. But if you put in just 1% of your effort into studying and applying, ‘Market Timing’ does exist in the world of financial market. That makes a difference towards how you study and understand the market and hence that perspective above are applicable to you because you can see it now.


Malaysia Stock Market Index Update


As how we highlighted in our May 2016 outlook the FBMKLCI Crucial Support failed to break down from its crucial support and have instead been consolidating for a staggering one month period. The recent rallies on the index have definitely been bringing up the sentiment of the market as stocks are all recovering from their price retracement. Read more on buying stocks at their price retracement. The FBMKLCI should rally well towards 1681 resistant this month and investor/trade should remain cautious towards the market as the market has yet to enter a strong phase of rally. Always have a trading plan for all your portfolio of stocks and remember the perspective you can apply by just putting 1% of your effort.

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