“Reading quotes are like taking a shower which gives you a Feel Good feeling that will only last for a certain amount of minutes. At the end of the day your actions speaks louder.”

Here are some of the Top Picks on the Investing/Trading Quotes that I personally adore over the years which are worth a constant reminder.


  1. “The perfect speculator must know when to get in; more important, he must know when to stay out; and most important, he must know when to get out once he is in.” -Ed Seykota

  2. “Markets aren’t chaotic, just as the seasons follow a series of predictable trends, so does price action. Stocks are like everything else in the world: They move in trends, and trends tend to persist.” – Jonathan Hoenig

  3. “If you take emotion -would be, could be, should be- out of it, and look at what is, and quantify it, I think you have a big advantage over most human beings.” – John W.Henry

  4. “Confidence comes from success, to be sure, but it can also come from recognizing that a lot of carefully examined failures are themselves one path to success.” -Denise Shekerjian

  5. “They say patience is a virtue. For me patience is synonymous with discipline. You must have the discipline to know that markets change and poor periods are followed by good period. Longevity in this business-I have seen it again and again-it is measured by discipline.” -John W.Henry

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