Picking From The Money Tree

Here comes again a scenario where FEAR is dominating the stock market and people like YOU & ME starts to wonder “Here comes another market crash? Oh no!” YES! admit it that you have this in your mind before you start inserting HOPE into your sub conscious mind just because your stocks are FALLING DOWN & YOU DIDN’T SELL YET. 

I remember those times when our Malaysia FBMKLCI fell to its lowest point in Year 2014 towards 1671pts and I started to make donkey calls on “The sell down on the Malaysia stock market is over. Year 2015 a Year paved with bull market”. And our FBMKLCI hit its highest at 1867pts a WHOPPING +196pts in the month of April Year 2015 before falling into a healthy market correction.

On the other side, we’ve seen how the Technology Stocks & Penny Stocks been through a superb 4 months of profitable journey that brings tears of joy to those who spot these opportunities as well as tears of sadness to those who chase in high and got stuck!

The market does not move up on a straight line. It WILL consist of multiples RALLIES & CORRECTIONS along  the course of its journey. “Buying Low & Selling High” has so many ways to define which I’ll leave  it to everybody to define.

“Buy in May & HOLD all the Way!” | “Don’t SELL in May & GO Away!”

We’ve all been there and done that in Year 2013 & Year 2014 (click here)

Let’s see how it goes again in Year 2015!

Malaysia FBMKLCI Daily Chart

Q1In Year 2012 we’ve seen how the Malaysia FBMKLCI formed a complete Long Term Uptrend Formation which to repeat “An uptrend does not move up on a straight line. It consist of multiples rallies & corrections.”. We’ve seen how our FBMKLCI rallied from 1500pts towards 1896pts historical high in Year 2014 before being kicked into a bear market on the same year.

The recent rallies on the FBMKLCI has seen our index hitting as high as 1867pts in April Year  2015 forming a complete Long Term Uptrend Formation which was last seen in Year 2012 (After the Year 2011 European Debt Crisis). 

The crucial market support is set at 1818pts which was one of our earlier target resistant set for the Year 2015. The FBMKLCI is expected to consolidate around this region before another rally can be seen.

Again this is not the main focus we are trying to make since Year 2012. Let us jump straight to the FBMSCAP Index & FBMACE Index.

Malaysia FBMSCAP Index Daily Chart


Yes indeed great opportunities lies in the Small Caps stocks which have been slowly brewing up recently and only selected ones have been rallying up high. Everybody should start looking for opportunities in this sector especially during the recent profit taking activities has generated a great deal to start buying low. (Scroll down  for some of the stocks)

Malaysia FBMACE Index Daily Chart


Lastly the FBMACE Index which is one of the strongest index performer besides the Technology Index is already due to a healthy market correction since it hit its Double Top Resistant a week ago. Is this index a GAME OVER? Not at the moment until we see another Clear Higher Highs Break Out Rallies. However that doesn’t mean MONDAY is a good day to buy penny stocks. Trade with a plan not with TIPS! The right moment will always be there waiting for those who are prepared!

Hence another round of rallies can be seen in this sector in just a matter of time. Of course it is important for every trader to know the right penny stocks to trade instead of blindly trading any penny stocks and risk being STUCK for a long time.

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