The Malaysia Goods & Services Tax will finally be implemented on the 1st of April Year 2015 which is TOMORROW. From our post on “The Sell Down On The Malaysia Stock Market Is Over. Year 2015 a Year Paved With Bull Market” the FBMKLCI has climbed up from its lowest 1671pts all the way to 1830pts over the past 3 months BUT we have been experiencing 3 months of Technology Stocks and Penny Stocks dominating the daily Top Volume as followed by our posts:

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What is up with the Bursa Malaysia for the month of April Year 2015?

Good Shopping Time in Bursa Malaysia!


As stated on the March 19 post, the key resistant target to break for the FBMKLCI is at 1830pts in order to see a clear uptrend formation on the benchmark index which today the FBMKLCI is trading at its highest at 1832pts and closed at 1830pts.

Will the month of April be the BULLISH month for the FBMKLCI to perform?

The KEY SUPPORT for the FBMKLCI to maintain above stays at 1807pts over the mid term and the next KEY RESISTANT for the FBMKLCI will be at 1860pts. For those of you who are still trading the PUT WARRANT on the FBMKLCI as pre warned on our newsletter here, think twice! 


FBMKLCI-HB (Put Warrant at NEW LOW)



Malaysia FBMSCAP Index


The Small Caps Index has been rather staying stagnant over the past 3 months will highly get to finally go for a rally to retest its important resistant at 16,600 in the month of April Year 2015. Once again we will be seeing small caps stocks from all sectors to start making their moves. Investor/trader should start taking note on this index of stocks instead of being too focus on the penny stocks. 




The super bullish index which is the FBMACE Index that has been on a run since February Year 2015 will once again start to retest its previous resistant high. More penny stocks will be making their moves until the FBMACE Index hits its Year 2014 Resistant High before a market correction kicks in. Hence investor/trader always know the  risk of trading penny stocks. Always trade with a plan and stay discipline on it.


Technology Index


The Technology Index one of our favorite sector since January Year 2015, will be attempting to create more new highs. Tech Stocks that are recommended over the months like MPI, GHLSYS, VITROX, UNISEM, GTRONIC, and together with the tech penny stocks have been performing extremely profitable over the past 3 months. But always remember, what goes up will eventually comes down. A correction on this sector will eventually kicks in and I will follow up on this matter with all of you soon.



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