Wall_Street_bubbles_-_Always_the_same_-_Keppler_1901FBMKLCI Daily Chart



After 6 months of Downtrend Market in the Bursa Malaysia, the Bull Market is back since early February Year 2015. The 2 key resistant remain intact at 1788 & 1813 for the short term period. A break out from the last resistant 1813 will bring us a new wave of bull rallies. May we all ride on this new wave of bull market in Bursa Malaysia. Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of goat be a year of prosperity to us all!

Oil & Gas stocks will have more rooms to rebound and trade for short term trading activities.

Technology stocks remain to be the strong sector play.

Small Caps stocks will continue their upward movements after their 4 months of downtrend play.

Penny stocks selective penny stocks will still be favorable play for risk taker.

Trade the futures market to gain from the FBMKLCI rallies!

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FBMSCAP Daily Chart




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2015 Year of the Goat

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