Malaysia FBMKLCI Weekly Chart



On 5th January 2015, we mentioned in our newsletter that the FBMKLCI found support is at 1675pts and have since gained more than +100pts up to date. We further note that the 2 key resistant to take note in Year 2015 for the index is 1) 1788pts & 2) 1813pts and the FBMKLCI have since violated its 1st key resistant and pending for the 2nd key resistant next to determine the direction of the market in Year 2015. While investors are all concern on the global economies issue, Bursa Malaysia climbs on the walls of worries. We shall leave the debates for you guys and let us take a look at the Indices, Technology Sector Index and Stocks in Malaysia for this post.

"Trade what you see not what you hear. Profits is what you are seeking for after all. Ride on the trend"

FBMSCAP Index Weekly Chart



The FBMSCAP Index that tracks the performance of the small caps stocks in Bursa Malaysia follows a similar pathway with the FBMKLCI finding its market support on early January 2015 and have since rebounded high. We are still expecting more small caps to slowly rebound/rally in the coming weeks. Of course investor/trader got to know what type of stocks will show a stronger strength on their rallies. Don’t trade against the trend (Downtrend).

"The trend is always your friend AND your enemy. Everybody defines trend in a different manner."


FBMACE Index Weekly Chart



FBMACE Index that tracks the performance on the penny stocks in Bursa Malaysia is the current winning sector since January 2015 as penny stocks have been conquering the top volume every week. Likewise it has found its market support and have since rebounded the most compared to the other indices. Traders will see a lot of attractive penny stocks to trade for quick & handsome profits. But always have a trading plan and trade with your plan.

"Be alert on your exit strategy rather than your profits/losses."


Technology Index Weekly Chart



Technology Index in Malaysia is also the current winning sector up to date in Bursa Malaysia. Found its market support and have since rebound high. Trader/investor will find a lot of technology stocks that shows great opportunities.

"You can run out of money before a guru runs out of indicators. Trade it simple."
Technology Stock [MPI] Weekly Chart





Technology Stock [GHLSYS] Weekly Chart




Technology Stock [OPENSYS] Weekly Chart




Technology Stock [VITROX] Weekly Chart




Technology Stock [GTRONIC] Weekly Chart




Trading Play Stocks [KTB] Weekly Chart




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