Malaysia FBMKLCI September 2014 Outlook

FBMKLCIThe Malaysia FBMKLCI took a plunge of -58.5pts from its highest point at 1896.23 to its lowest point at 1837.73 during the period of July to August 2014. Since then FBMKLCI has recovered from its critical support point and rebounded to 1878pts. In the short term outlook when the FBMKLCI penetrates above its 1878 resistant, we will highly see the FBMKLCI to test its previous historical high at 1896.23pts before testing 1900 psychological historical resistant. On the other hand shall the FBMKLCI penetrates below its short term support at 1861, the market will once again be in a danger of falling back to its critical market support at 1837.73. The upside potential for the FBMKLCI will continue to thrive as the index has already been into a 2 months of big market correction. Futures trader can take the advantage on their long position to capture the next upcoming rallies. Equity trader should know the pot of opportunities still lies on the Small Caps Sector and Penny Stock Sector but of course with a much selective stocks approach.

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