Malaysia FBMKLCI at new historical high BUT…….



In our previous Volume 1, Issue 4 we mentioned that as long as the FBMKLCI is well supported above 1860pts it

will highly go for another rally which it did happened in the month of June 2014 bringing the FBMKLCI to a new

historical high at 1892.33pts. But it was partly due to window dressing activities which thus brings no surprises to

the retail investors. Looking forward in the month of July market outlook, the FBMKLCI is currently at a 3 days

price pull back since reaching its new high. It is now at the short term crucial market support 1880.25. Failure to

support at this level will bring the FBMKLCI into a short term market correction. Shall the market stays supported

above 1880.25 then we will expect to see the market to remain consolidated and to trend higher in the near term to

retest its previous high. Therefore it is important to note where the FBMKLCI closes at on the 30th

the market is well supported and is in a rally, easy money making opportunities will be there. When the market is in a

market correction, it will not be easy to make profits from the market. But we are never fancy about the FBMKLCI

performance rather we have been looking into the FBMSCAP Index (Small Caps Stocks Index) to measure the

overall market performance in Bursa Malaysia.

 “A perfect speculator must know when to get in; more importantly he must know when to stay out, and most importantly he must know when to get out once he’s in.”

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