Over the past 2 weeks the FBMSCAP Index plunged a total of -724.49 pts after a 2 months of market rallies that started since March 2014. Market support is currently found at a level of 17,170pts and we expect a rebound to continue to its short term resistant level at 17,450pts. A break out from its short term resistant level 17,450pts will eventually lead to another start of market rally in the FBMSCAP Index. “Did you buy small caps stocks?” “Did you buy properties stocks?” these are the 2 common questions we tend to share to the public as we are continuously bullish on these 2 sector over the long run since Year 2012. Investor/trader should take this opportunity to grab stocks that are trading at their market support.










Market & stocks fluctuates every single day. Every fluctuations affects an investor/trader’s emotions towards their trade. 

There are obviously only two ways you can get out of a trade. 
By taking a loss or By taking a gain. 

3 questions we need to constantly ask our self.
1) How long am I planning on being in this trade?
2) How much risk am I willing to take?
3) Where do I want to get out?



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