Let’s see….

You will not be the FIRST nor the LAST to commit mistakes

But you have the choice to make a difference NOW!

“No holy grail, no rocket science, no fancy indicators, just a naked chart with a trend that you should have followed. Don’t trade/invest in a chaotic manner. Trade/invest like a businessman.

Malaysia FBMKLCI another stock market rally

“Every stock market correction comes with an golden opportunity.”


“Practicing holding power doesn’t takes you to be a genius”


Malaysia FBM Small Caps Index at NEW HIGH! More to come as mentioned since Year 2013.


“Capturing market trend doesn’t comes from predicting it daily but FOLLOWING”


Malaysia FBMACE Penny Stock Index at NEW HIGH! More to come!


“Risks comes from not having a trading plan.”


Malaysia Technology Index creating highs!


“Spotting for trends in a sector is like spotting for your pot of gold!”


Are you holding downtrend stock?

“How low is low? That is everyone’s guess. You personally dump a downtrend stock and hold an uptrend stock instead. Else you are missing the other 99% golden opportunities in the market.”


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