Each year the market will fall more than -50pts in the Malaysia stock market. Each time when it does happen, people get freaked out easily thinking this is the 1st time the market suffer more than -50pts. Without a Big Market Discount there will not be multiple months of Bull Rally. MORE IMPORTANTLY as long at the market is well supported above its  Long Term Trend Support EMA200days the market will still be in an long term uptrend.
What is important for us to know is that Blue Chip Stocks are never a favourable pick for us since Year 2012. LOOK into the FBMACE & FBMSCAP stocks as there is where the money are. KNM, ASIABIO, CONNECT, DESTINI, INFOTEC, IRIS, MARCO, MINETEC, NARRA, AND MANY MORE. Rubbish stocks some may sound but:
Do you want to be right in the market?
Do you want to make money in the market?
Come and follow us at [ TREND FOLLOWING MALAYSIA ] and track the stocks on play!
Happy Trading Week People!
William Au
(Position Stock Trader & Financial Speaker)





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