Indeed once again our Malaysia FBMKLCI is at another new high today closing at 1872.52pts. Malaysia stock market 1826pts is indeed not a problem. The problem is your stocks as blue chips are mainly taking the lead to drive the index higher over the past weeks. But no worries as the time has arrived for the FBMSCAPS, FBMACE, Properties, and Construction sectors to perform. Below are all the indices on these sectors and they are all currently at its minor resistant level. A break out from their resistant level will bring us another round of prosperity to kick start the new year 2014 with good profits. So happy stock picking and stay profitable! Happy New Year 2014 Peeps!

















DISCLAIMER The opinions and information contained herein are based on available data believed to be reliable and for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell the securities covered by this report. No individual financial strategy or goals have been taken into account in the preparing of outlooks. Readers should seek independent advice from author for detailed analysis and strategies.


William Au

(Position Stock Trader and Financial Speaker)



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