Malaysia Stock Market 1826 Not a Problem


Here we go again! The Malaysia stock market index FBMKLCI is currently at 1798.46pts as of 27/11/2013. The FBMKLCI had gone through 2 weeks of market correction since early November and stays consolidated up to today. As the bullish trend remains intact (no deathly cross formation) we will highly see the FBMKLCI to test its historical high at 1826pts in the near term. Risks will always be there in the market, therefore 1790pts will be a very important support for the FBMKLCI to support at whenever there is a price retracement. Failure to support at this level will highly risk the market to enter into a big market correction (deathly cross) JUST like in August 2013. “Let your profits run as long you know when to protect your downside risks”

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Malaysia FBMSCAP Index to create new historical high


The small caps stocks in Malaysia will still remain as our main focus and favourable pick as opportunities will be there. Ever since the Golden Cross (rally) formation in September 2013, FBMSCAP has been hovers around its resistant high for a period of time. A break out from its resistant high will spark another bullish rally on this sector. Keep an eye at its 15,542pts as an important support that must not be violated else a big market correction will highly occur just like in August 2013. “Buying is easy. Selling and Cutting Losses is a whole new different story.”

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The Malaysia Futures Crude Palm Oil (FCPO) is definitely looking bullish right now. Entered into an downtrend since June 2012 and now finally we can see an uptrend formation on FCPO. Long term outlook stays bullish.

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William Au

(Position Stock Trader, Financial Speaker, Founder Trend Following Malaysia)


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