Malaysia FKLI Outlook 2013 October

FKLI ended another week on the high. Good job to FKLI Trend Followers that remained disciplined and follow the trends. So what’s next.


CHART 1: Weekly Chart continues to trend higher. esp MACD. Click picture to enlarge.

FKLI October theme is still Mad Bulls on the Loose. This is supported by Trend Following big picture analysis on the Weekly chart. As shown the CHART 1, Weekly macd and the price continues to trend higher than last week. Besides that,  both day chart 3 moving averages and MACD also indicating that FKLI October Trend is still a bull market rally.


CHART 2: 3 moving averages and day MACD also hinting the same?

Next week could see another round of strong rally as long as weekly and day chart macd and moving averages all showing rally signals. Remember, no prediction no complications; just follow the Trends.

Initial October Outlook:

Malaysia FCPO Outlook 2013 October

FCPO Bear market rally?


FCPO too also ended the week on a high. So what’s next?


CHART 1: Weekly MACD still showing Bear Market rally. Click picture to enlarge

Well, lets keep trading simply. Firstly refer to Weekly Chart above (CHART 1) which is still showing FCPO well supported above 2264 support with Weekly MACD still showing FCPO market still in a Bear Market Rally. The only thing is the market is still bearish for the year ahead because it still trading below 2414 resistance and the red moving average as shown in the weekly chart. That being said, a Bearish market will still have its rallies and corrections.

As shown in Day Chart below (CHART 2), FCPO currently is in a Bear market rally because its trading below 2414 but both “3 moving averages” and day macd showing golden crosses. FCPO trend Followers, good job if you managed to long and are still holding them. All you need to see is whether market can maintain 3 moving averages and macd golden crosses and slowly trending up. Remember no predictions no complications; just follow the Trends.


CHART 2: 3 Moving averages & MACD hinting the same.


David Lee

(Futures commission broker & equity remisier, Contributor of futures market trend following)

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