The U.S Stock Market Index DJIA started its market correction since the mid of September and has now finally found its support at its Long Term Trend Support EMA 200days. A technical rebound will be seen and a rally will begin in the coming weeks as long the DJIA index did not fall below its Long Term Trend Support (EMA200days).


The Malaysia Stock Market is currently leaded by the FBMACE Index (Penny Stock Index) as we’ve seen recently the top volume stocks were all conquered by the penny stocks. Blue chip stocks and Small Caps stocks are still facing their price correction period and prices are seen to be mostly stabilized, so it will be a good time to learn how to start accumulating good fundamental valued companies with healthy uptrend formation.  Penny Stocks are best to trade with a solid trading plan not with tips and rumours. Have a plan and trade the plan!

Below are some of the stocks update from the previous posts and some stocks are our new introduction. Have a blessed weekend ahead!





           William Au

           (Position Equity Trend Trader. Financial Speaker)


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