We are in a scenario whereby small fishes are eating big fishes. So don’t be surprise to see MAS (Malaysia Airlines) to shine in the near term as well!

(Malaysia FBMKLCI Daily Chart Analysis)


The Malaysia FBMKLCI is currently undergoing a market correction ever since it hit its resistant high after recovering from its support at EMA200days. With the current market uncertainties in the financial market, shall the FBMKLCI were to fall further we will need to look at its EMA200days support which is at 1725 points. But however the index is not much of an interest to us at the moment as nowadays we have to know that the ‘money’ is busy locating stocks that have been ‘sleeping’ for years in a ‘downtrend’ and they are the ones who will make a stunning come back into the market. Let us say…….GPACKET & GPACKET-WA a good examples. What goes up in an uptrend for years will eventually need to stop the party. What goes down in an downtrend for years will eventually need to start the party. So instead of wasting your precious time looking at the FBMKLCI and worrying about the news, for the next 3 months there will be plentiful of opportunities coming from the penny stocks, technology stocks, and a selected small caps stocks.

Below are 3 of the stocks that we would like to observe over the next 2 weeks.








William Au

(Position Equity Trend Trader. Financial Speaker)

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